Who We Are

We are deeply saddened by the tragedy that took place in San Bernardino on December 2, 2015. We want to HELP & SUPPORT the families of the victims we lost, the victims who have survived, and the heroes who responded with valor. Our mission is to raise funds to provide financial support to them through this difficult time, especially as they go through this holiday season. We are creating this music festival so that the whole community can show their support and join in recognition as we heal together.
100% of the Funds will be going to the families, survivors, and heroes!

  • Funeral expenses
  • Care packages
  • Living expenses
  • Etc.

Many lives have been turned upside down since December 2, 2015 and will never be the same. Your assistance in this mission is vital to the healing of our community and those most affected by the tragedy.
When you meet a resident of these local California communities, you will quickly see the unity and hospitality they value in their hearts. They are not just neighbors or acquaintances; they become lifelong friends. The people of California will give you the shirt off their back, the food on their table, the money in their pocket, and run themselves to poverty to make sure you are comfortable and well. That is just the way they do things. The time has come that they are shown the same level of kindness and compassion that they would show you on any given day of the week.
Thank you all for your support. This is a time to stand together as fellow Americans. It means the world to us to be able to help the victims, families, and heroes who were suddenly stricken by the violence of that day. I know they will thank you too when they recover from this abominable act.
San Bernardino Healing can only achieve its goals with the assistance of generous donations from members of the community. Without these donations and contributions this event will not be possible.
With this heavy reliance on such generosity from individuals like you, we write to ask that you consider a donation or contribution. We hope that you will help support our efforts.

God bless you for your help, and God bless America!